Chapter 3.2 – The College Life

“If there’s a will, there’s a way”

If there's a will

It was May 2004, a fresh month to start, and I was ready for college, but I still don’t have money for enrollment, and I know going in college is very expensive. So I thought in another way, that I will work as a security guard or a waiter in a restaurant or club. I really, really wanted to go to college.


A miracle happened; one day, there’s a man who approached and asked me.

He said: “If you will be given a chance to go to college, would you go?”

I answered back: “I will be happy and grab the chance I will go.” The man knows me well in the subdivision.

I explained to him that I don’t have the capacity to go in college, because of my finances. Not knowing that he has something to say, and he would like to recommend me as a security guard, and at the same time as a student in a newly established computer/e-commerce private college school that offers trimester basis; the AIE College in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

June 2004, the man gave me five hundred pesos for a school registration fee. At first, I have so many questions in myself.


The questions are: “Do I really have to go for College?”, “What if the five hundred pesos will be my last money, how about for the next day?”

Alright, let’s say I have five hundred pesos now, but how about for tomorrow? I don’t have money for my bus fare, and for my food.

But the man is really a “Good man”. He pushed me to go to school. He said: “This will be your last chance, don’t you like it? you can enjoy pressing computer keyboard at school, then your life will be good soon, think about it”

Then together we ride a bus and he paid my bus fare until we reached the school, on the same day I filled-up the enrollment form then the school Administration Officer and HR Officer conducted an interview, evaluation, then I filled up the questionnaire.

In the questionnaire written: “Who is your favorite politician and explain”

I answered: “Manny Villar Jr.” because on his campaign “Sipag at Tiyaga”. Mr. Manny Villar Jr. is popular, well known came from poor family and listed in a magazine from rags to riches. He became a Senator of the Philippines.  See more about Manny Villar thru this page


I have passed the interview and examination as a student assistant. And I attend regular class during MWF (Monday, Wednesday & Friday). And then perform the student assistant during TTHS (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday).

Student Assistant role is to perform cleaning of office, classrooms, tables, and chairs including toilet, and computer laboratory room, until I became popular in our school, teachers and office staffs they know me well, and I got their trust.

Mostly, I do payments of bills (electric bill, telephone bill, water bill). A bank transaction, Cash, and Checks deposit include dealing with government agencies like SSS, Phil-health, and Land Bank of the Philippines). I have involved also in the marketing team, doing distribution of fliers, leaflets, town by town, posting banners of AIE on the walls.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.2 – The College Life

    1. Thanks for that. You know what’s on my mind now? I can’t even imagine that I could graduate in college.

      Everything was a miracle. Imagine I was just a street child before with lots of troubles in life. Without a single penny. – John Snow.

      “Miracle happens if you believe”


    1. Hi imatter!

      Thanks for your Hope. I will do it.

      And thanks again for your spare time reading my articles… in my thoughts, through media is the way to outreach street children and orphans.

      I think we have the same thoughts. I visited your blog site and read a great article.

      Have a great day…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello John, I do think about all those unfortunate people and the government doesn’t do enough for them, but frankly they are brave kids, I do learn so much from them… they taught me that iam blessed with the little things I have… Good day

        Liked by 1 person

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