Chapter 3.0 – My Life by a Chance, God made miracles

“Be careful, someone will kill you”, I am going to die.

And I said: “Help me, God”, three men are trying to kill me… I am a dead man now.

MiraclesHappens_Our Prayers Have Been Answered
Photo grabbed from Our Prayers Have Been Answered

After the reconciliation with my enemy, I had given a chance to continue my schooling, thank God despite bad things happened to me; I still have a chance to change my future.

My high school teachers know me well; about my childhood life and experiences. And yet, they still allowed me to attend class. All I wanted is to finish my schooling at High School.

Every day, I am nervous while walking in the Subdivision, going to school and back to our home, in my mind; I think that someday my enemy will retaliate, to take my life. And it’s true my suspicion happened.

One night, while I was buying in the sari-sari store, a man approached me.

The man said: “Be careful, someone will kill you”.

“That man is my friend, and he is also a friend of my enemy”

After our discussion, someone is running in front of me, and he tried to stab me, but I was not hit. I run fast and headed to the bakery shop, I was cornered. I am really, really nervous, in my thoughts, it will be my last day on the earth, and I am going to die.

I said: “Help me, God”

Three men were trying to kill me… Then suddenly, the bakery owner came out and prevented it. But he was punched in the face.

The bakery owner named Mr. Bulalog. He is my savior. He saved my life; if he did not showed up and prevented the event, I can say that I am a dead man now.

And after a month, it was night; I was cornered in the Billiard hall.

My enemy’s cousin’s struck my head with his batuta or baton.

I was fell down on the ground and ambushed by his friend.

A Batuta Photo

Again, I thought it will be my end.  But I was saved. I’m still lucky.

I think all has been planned by them with the Barangay Chairman.

I am wondering and my question: “Why is the Barangay Chairman’s responded quickly, he was there and prevented the persons beating me while I am on the ground”

The Chairman said to me: “Be careful next time”

And I asked myself: “Where is the Justice?”

On that night, I just cried, I wanted to revenge and I cursed them and promised to myself that I will do it soon. But there are so many questions in my mind.

My thoughts, what if I will do it? What will be the result and effect into my life? Maybe worst… By avenging them will not save my life, and so I disregard that event to prevent any conflict that will arise.

After few days, one good thing I did is that I developed a friendship with Barangay Chairman’s cousin.

Maybe by establishing a good relationship and friendship with him saves my life by preventing my enemies to kill me.

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