Chapter 3.1 – Baker Boy and The Girl

“I met a woman, she is pretty; I asked myself on how to win her. I think of a positive strategy, I guessed through sending her words of wisdom, greeting quotes will win her heart. I am hoping so…. And I did it!”


Life goes on; I still went back to the bakery owner, continued my studies doing the same routine, as a baker boy, and a bread seller, as completely normal.

When I went back at the bakery, I met a woman, a woman that I loved before. She is pretty, I liked her. She’s the bakery’s owners’ cousin.

I asked myself on how to win her. I think of a positive strategy, I guessed through sending her words of wisdom, and greeting quotes will win her heart… I am hoping so… And I did it!

I just kept reading and learned some love quotes. Every day, I am sending her quotes. Two or three times a day, I wanted to impress her more, to tell my feelings, but I don’t know how to do it.

My eagerness pushed me and I asked my high school classmate, my friend “Claire” to help me to write a love letter. I just told to my classmate about my feelings, and she wrote it in a piece of stationery. Wow! It’s an impressive letter.

Unbelievable, I look like a genius. The “Girl” was impressed. I was very happy…

But one day, The “Girl” found out that I am not the person who wrote the letter for her. She was badly angry, from that day she never talks to me. Until one day she has gone and went back to Manila to continue her studies.

Many times I attempted to contact her, but life is a joke… She ignored me. My heart was broken like pieces of glass. Until we lost communication and never talk again. I was stupid enough, and I can’t express my feelings by writing it into a piece of paper.

I asked myself: “Am I ugly? What’s the problem with me? I don’t understand. Or maybe I am just a poor guy… I really, really don’t know. I just cried…


Photo credit: Rebloggy

Then months had passed; I graduated the high school in the year 2004, at age of eighteen. But I never attended the graduation ceremony because I have an advance thinking that maybe my enemy will take revenge on this day to end my life.

During my childhood, and youthful days, I am not thinking about what is right, and what is wrong, on what I am doing in my life.

I am just sailing with the flow to live. Sometimes, bad things or good things happened for a reason, perhaps to test my FAITH.

Mostly, it keeps coming back into my mind my past experiences. I always felt pity for myself. Despite, there is a good thing result that has been developed into my life.

In my struggles and effort to live, I keep motivating myself in the sayings: “If there’s a will, there’s a way”

I am not Superman or Batman; I am not Hulk or the Avengers. I am just me, a poor man who always wandering, wondering, and dreaming for a better life.

Life’s full of surprises.

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