Chapter 2.2 – My life as street child


When I turned thirteen, during adolescence hood, and as a street child, I start smoking cigarettes, I met some bad guys, an alcohol drinker, users of prohibited “marijuana”, All I did in my life was drinking, and drinking liquor… So my life started to change badly, and I quit in my class. Imagine a kid who doesn’t go to school, sounds bad, and which has no good future in life. At my age thirteen, I got my first inked tattoo on my arm, a “Kangaroo”.

I failed twice in freshman level because I don’t have money to pay for the miscellaneous, and projects at school, so I always quit. I lost everything, my job as a bread seller, my schooling. My life is a mess… And so I left from the bakery.

And continue my life being a street child, on these days, I can still remember that we’re always drinking with my friends, one time I was heavily drunk, and then I challenge a fight to someone, a man that has nothing to do with me; an innocent, he did nothing to me. I just wanted a fight, but he ran. I am really crazy… I’m freak.

Two days later, the man I challenged hunted me with his friends, and then that man struck my back with his knuckle chain, I run, ran fast and escaped.

During my days on the street, I met a drug user; a marijuana drug seller, I was asked to join him, we burned weeds, I accompanied him and become his drug courier. Of course, I was afraid of bringing marijuana on the road while traveling.

I told to the man: “This is very dangerous; I may get catch by the police”

He said: “Don’t worry; just keep calm and the police officer cannot notice you”

I answered back: “How if they smelled it, then they will catch me”

He replied: “Don’t worry; if they caught you, they will let you go because you are underage”.  I believed on him, I was tricked, and then I was fool enough. Oh my gosh! I am so stupid.

I forgot some events in my life during those days; I just can remember that someone asked me to live in their house at the farm, and I lived on the farm, at the back of subdivision called “leet”. I was fourteen years old at that time. Life is so hard; I learned to collect vegetable at the farm by harvesting tomatoes, eggplant, corn, and okra or lady finger. The farm owners pay me 20 pesos per kaing of tomatoes. A kaing means “Wooven Bamboo Basket”. I figured out that life is more difficult living on the farm than making and selling bread.

A Picture of “Kaing” Wooven Bamboo Basket

Life is very difficult; our daily meal is sautéed tomato with scrambled egg and onion. I have very limited money to buy bread or food to eat. I don’t have a choice, but to be patient.

For me, I can say that life at the farm is boring, imagine waiting for a sunrise, doing agriculture works, and wait till sunset, and then doing nothing at night just to wait the time to take a sleep. At that time touchscreen phones and Facebook does not exist yet.

Down to the farm, there is a flowing river, with my farmer friends, we enjoyed diving, jumping swimming into the river, catching a fresh fish tilapia, we’d played a race in the river, and oh! I can’t win them because these farmers are very fast swimmers. A lot’s of fun.


Photo Credit: About stupidity hole

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