Chapter 2.5 – Frame-up and Police Brutality at age 14

“Better to kill me than to confess by committing a crime that I never did”

I decided to find another home again, and stayed at my friends’ house, every night we were drinking and smoking weeds; it’s my youthful days, it’s my first time to witness a brotherhood fraternity. But I never joined them, because I don’t want to become a hazing victim.

At my friends’ house, during the morning, I took care his two-years-old niece and doing some household chores. Mopped the floor, cooked meals, washed dishes, and cleaned the garden.

One day, while I was cleaning the garden, a man came in front of me, I was surprised! It was the thief from the farm!

He asked me: “Do you know where to buy drugs?”

I said: “What drugs?”

He replied: “A shabu! Methamphetamine”

I said: “I don’t know about that, but I will try to ask my friends if they know something”

He told me: “I will give you 2,500 pesos; you have to buy worth of 1,500 pesos of shabu, and 1,000 pesos for marijuana, and then I will give you a profit”.

I accepted his offer. In my thoughts, I will earn money.

Then I asked my friends to buy the drugs, I let them go, they told me to stay at the subdivision, and I stayed.

On that night, I heard news from people that there is an entrapment operation.  In my thoughts, it is about the drugs that the thief’s asking me to buy. And yes, my suspicion is true. Police officers are all around, in the Plaza of Villa Santa Barbara, Subdivision.

The Police officers are waiting for my friends to arrive. On that night, I don’t know what happened. And while me; I went to my former boss, the dog owner which I worked before.

On the same day, I can’t remember the date but it happened at night, I became a victim of police brutality. I was arrested and handcuffed by the police officers and its brother-in-law. At first, someone called my name from my boss’s home, when I went outside, someone came to me and pointed his gun at my head, I was surprised and shocked.

They forced and brought me to the place where they were drinking. I don’t want to mention their names but I can still remember them and the person who made these terrible things.

Police Brutality Doodle
Photo grabbed from

The police officers laughed and accused me; they insisted that I came into the Police Station and robbed the bag of the lady police officer. They spanked my head with plate and gun, punched my stomach and slapped my face. Then they brought me to the police station, while on the road they forced me to confess and tell them that I did the robbing. They kept on shouting and telling me that they will kill or salvage me.

I told them: “Better to kill me than to confess by committing a crime that I never did”.

We arrived at the police station, we went inside the room, and I was surprised, I saw my two friends who bought the drugs, they were beaten by the police officers, and we don’t talk. Then the officers let me sat down and file a record at their log book and precede the investigation until 12:00 midnight. Then they let me ate in the kitchen, I saw the person who set the frame-up. I was badly angry and attacked him by my fist but the police officers prevented it while they are laughing.

I wanna go home
Photo grabbed from

I stayed in the police station up to next day until 12:00 in the afternoon, and then they let me go home.

My two years life is wasted; I was fourteen years old that time.

From this day, my dream of becoming a policeman has been buried. I am very disappointed to the police officers who abused me, what are the reasons for doing these cruel things? Is it for their own interest, so that they can achieve promotions? It is very disgusting.

They are police officers and they should perform their duties “To serve and protect”. Nowadays, we know what is happening in the department of Philippine National Police. I don’t want to say many words. People can justify and justice will prevail.

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