PSE Stock Bagger in Cement Sector for the year 2019 to 2020 – HLCM

$HLCM update 21 February 2019, Holcim completes La Union expansion ahead of schedule.

Holcim Philippines’s early completion of its La Union plant upgrades strengthens its ability to support the development of fast-growing north Luzon.

La Union to increase the annual cement production capacity there by 80% to around 1.8 million tons.

The La Union plant upgrade is part of the first phase of Holcim Philippines’s expansion program. The second phase involves improvements to its Bulacan and Misamis Oriental plants amounting to US$ 300 million to raise the company’s annual cement production capacity by 30% to 13 million metric tons by 2020.

20190221_Holcim completes La Union expansion ahead of schedule_Page_1


Meanwhile, cement consumption in the Philippines is estimated to have reached ~30Mil MT, while local production is at 26.0Mil MT in 2018.

Cement Demand by 2019: 30 Million MT (Estimated)
Cement Production Supply by 2018: 26 Million MT

Deficit: 4 Million MT

This supply deficit situation is expected to persist in the medium term due to the growing construction activity in the country.

HLCM could be valued at a premium to Holcim Indonesia

HLCM Indonesia: EV / EBITDA P18.4


20190208-Cement sector_Page_1.jpg

Potential buyers

Among the major players in the local cement industry, we believe EAGLE is in the best position to bid on HLCM given its healthy balance sheet with a net cash position of Php8.1Bil as of 9M18.

Note however that the company also has some expansions in the next few years that require funding.

A more likely scenario is for EAGLE to bid selectively on HLCM’s facilities in Mindanao, as this would allow the company to accelerate penetration of the VisMin area.

Other potential bidders may include DMC and Phinma, which
have previously shown interest in entering the cement industry. As of writing, only EAGLE’s Chairman and SMC President Ramon Ang has expressed interest in bidding for HLCM.



Bodegero : Top 7 Buyers (Buying only 3.613 Million shares volume, a total value of P32Million pesos).

Huge volume buying price at P9.50, and buying average at P8.40 to P9.47.


Bodegero: Top 7 Buyers without selling
Bodegero: Top 7 net buyers without selling (Buying only 3.613 Million shares volume)

Tsupitero: Top sellers (No buying activity, Volume 315,300 shares, a total value of P2.757 Million pesos).

Average price selling at P9.00 to P9.57

Tsupitero: Top 12 sellers without buying
Tsupitero: Top 12 net sellers without buying (Selling only volume 315,300 shares)


Holcim Philippines, Incorporated Monthly Chart – Uptrend

1 – MACD crossover started

2 – Stochastic RSI (Blue line) crossover started

3 – Huge volume spike from last month (January) a total of 47.11 million shares traded, and the latest volume this month (February 21st ) a total of 37.3 million shares traded.

Uptrend Holcim Monthly Chart as of Feb 21, 2019, MACD crossover + Stock RSI (Blue line) crossover)

Top 20 buyers activities from 17 January to 21 February 2019.

Top 20 Buying (Cross trades)
Top 20 Buying (Cross trades)


Top 20 sellers activities from 17 January to 21 February 2019.

Top 18 Selling (Cross trades)


Despite of huge shares selling activities, the bulls protected the price at P9.50, as shown in the data there are Top 7 Buyers willing to buy at the price range P9.00 to P9.50 (Buying only 3 Million shares volume, a total value of P32 Million pesos) at average buying price P8.40 to P9.50 pesos.

Volume Net Buyers and Net Sellers
Volume Net Buyers and Net Sellers – Buyers Dominated

Initial TP: P16.96

Bonus finish line price: P18.4 (as per COL disclosure HLCM Indonesia, EV / EBITDA)

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Somewhere in Iraq

Featured image captured by my Samsung S5 while I’m on the plane, location, somewhere in Iraq, a hundred miles away from home, a hundred miles away from my loved ones.

My apology for the quality of the photos I uploaded captured by my Samsung S5. I hope I can buy soon a DSLR camera.

The photo below is a sand dune accumulated by the natural transformation caused by the sandstorm. I captured the scene during my ride on the plane.


Another photo below a shaped like a mini mountain transformed by the accumulation of sand dunes caused by the sandstorm. I always wanted to go at the top of the sand to do sandboarding.



Somewhere in Iraq, here where I lived for a year now… When I turned 22, I started working in the middle-east. For more than 10 years in my life abroad, I developed “Patience” and it was said patience is a virtue…

When you hear the country “Iraq” sounds scary. Yes! of course, you have to be afraid, in this place you might die anytime, in any day if the terrorist will attack. But now, that’s impossible, because we are surrounded by the military forces.

Faith is what I have now. Every day, and every night I’d always praying for my safety, our safety that no one will harm us here, and hopefully, we can go home safely after the project is finished.

Focus…. define as the center of interest or activity. The photo below is a focus mode captured by my Samsung S5, just today morning 20-October 2017.


When you have goals in life “FOCUS” on what you are doing despite any distraction may arise. Stand still…


Inside of our camp, look to the north, south, east, and west nothing you can see but desert and sky… For 12 years in my life abroad, this is what I enjoyed at most, appreciating the God’s work. Oh! what can I say? “It’s a wonderful world”

Here, no buildings, no shopping malls, nothing but desert and sky. If you cannot embrace this kind of living, don’t work on oil and gas projects.

How great is our God who created the heaven, universe and the earth, he created mountains, forest, land, sea, and desert.



Our camp is barricaded with a security guard, we are not allowed to go outside for our safety, and security purpose. 300 meters from here is a military camp opposite of the sand dune (mini-mountain) that shown in the photo above.

Below photo is the Military Camp.



Most of the workers here felt bored but with the help of technology, the “Internet” has a big impact on our lives, with the help of social media, we can ease the boredom, sadness talking with our family. Thanks to the founder of satellite and social media.


And the photo below is my workstation inside my room. What’s on my table? A laptop, lotion, eyedrop to protect my eye when it is dried, lemon candy “Vitamin C”, headset, ball pens, brush to clean my laptop, and remote controls.

Thanks to the founder of Toshiba laptop, I bought it in Qatar in the year 2011. It’s a 6 years old laptop. The first intel i3 core with 2GB dedicated graphics video card, and with 4GB RAM. Worth of QAR 3,200 ($750) on the first launched. Smart people said invest with a branded item that can last long.


That’s all on my today’s blog….

Thanks for visiting and reading my page… I hope you enjoyed it.

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A Beautiful Camera @ $29.99

Nuclear Power Plant

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

nuclear power plant or nuclear power station is a thermal power station in which the heat source is a nuclear reactor. As is typical in all conventional thermal power stations the heat is used to generate steam which drives a steam turbine connected to an electric generator which produces electricity. As of 23 April 2014, the IAEA report there are 449 nuclear power reactors in operation[1] operating in 31 countries.[2]

Nuclear power stations are usually considered to be base load stations since fuel is a small part of the cost of production.[3] Their operations and maintenance (O&M) and fuel costs are, along with hydropower stations, at the low end of the spectrum and make them suitable as base-load power suppliers. The cost of spent fuel management, however, is somewhat uncertain.



Electricity was generated by a nuclear reactor for the first time ever on September 3, 1948 at the X-10 Graphite Reactor in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the United States, which was the first nuclear power station to power a light bulb.[4][5][6] The second, larger experiment occurred on December 20, 1951 at the EBR-I experimental station near Arco, Idaho in the United States. On June 27, 1954, the world’s first nuclear power station to generate electricity for a power grid started operations at the Soviet city of Obninsk.[7] The world’s first full scale power station, Calder Hall in England, opened on October 17, 1956.[8] The world’s first full scale power station solely devoted to electricity production (Calder Hall was also meant to produce plutonium), Shippingport power plant in the United States, connected to the grid on December 18, 1957.

The conversion to electrical energy takes place indirectly, as in conventional thermal power stations. The fission in a nuclear reactor heats the reactor coolant. The coolant may be water or gas or even liquid metal depending on the type of reactor. The reactor coolant then goes to a steam generator and heats water to produce steam. The pressurized steam is then usually fed to a multi-stage steam turbine. After the steam turbine has expanded and partially condensed the steam, the remaining vapour is condensed in a condenser. The condenser is a heat exchanger which is connected to a secondary side such as a river or a cooling tower. The water is then pumped back into the steam generator and the cycle begins again. The water-steam cycle corresponds to the Rankine cycle.


The nuclear reactor is the heart of the station. In its central part, the reactor core’s heat is generated by controlled nuclear fission. With this heat, a coolant is heated as it is pumped through the reactor and thereby removes the energy from the reactor. Heat from nuclear fission is used to raise steam, which runs through turbines, which in turn powers the electrical generators.

Nuclear reactors usually rely on uranium to fuel the chain reaction. Uranium is a very heavy metal that is abundant on Earth and is found in sea water as well as most rocks. Naturally occurring uranium is found in two different isotopes: uranium-238 (U-238), accounting for 99.3% and uranium-235 (U-235) accounting for about 0.7%. Isotopes are atoms of the same element with a different number of neutrons. Thus, U-238 has 146 neutrons and U-235 has 143 neutrons. Different isotopes have different behaviors. For instance, U-235 is fissile which means that it is easily split and gives off a lot of energy making it ideal for nuclear energy. On the other hand, U-238 does not have that property despite it being the same element. Different isotopes also have different half-lives. A half-life is the amount of time it takes for half of a sample of a radioactive element to decay. U-238 has a longer half-life than U-235, so it takes longer to decay over time. This also means that U-238 is less radioactive than U-235.

Since nuclear fission creates radioactivity, the reactor core is surrounded by a protective shield. This containment absorbs radiation and prevents radioactive material from being released into the environment. In addition, many reactors are equipped with a dome of concrete to protect the reactor against both internal casualties and external impacts.[9]

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Water Desalination and Power Plant

Power Station

From Wikipedia


Desalination is a process that extracts mineral components from saline water. More generally, desalination refers to the removal of salts and minerals from a target substance,[1] as in soil desalination, which is an issue for agriculture.[2]

Saltwater is desalinated to produce water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. One by-product of desalination is salt. Desalination is used on many seagoing ships and submarines. Most of the modern interest in desalination is focused on cost-effective provision of fresh water for human use. Along with recycled wastewater, it is one of the few rainfall-independent water sources.[3]

Due to its energy consumption, desalinating sea water is generally more costly than fresh water from rivers or groundwaterwater recycling and water conservation. However, these alternatives are not always available and depletion of reserves is a critical problem worldwide. Currently, approximately 1% of the world’s population is dependent on desalinated water to meet daily needs, but the UN expects that 14% of the world’s population will encounter water scarcity by 2025.[4]

Desalination is particularly relevant in dry countries such as Australia, which traditionally have relied on collecting rainfall behind dams for water.

According to the International Desalination Association, in June 2015, 18,426 desalination plants operated worldwide, producing 86.8 million cubic meters per day, providing water for 300 million people.[5] This number increased from 78.4 million cubic meters in 2013,[4] a 10.71% increase in 2 years. The single largest desalination project is Ras Al-Khair in Saudi Arabia, which produced 1,025,000 cubic meters per day in 2014,[4] although this plant is expected to be surpassed by a plant in California.[6] Kuwait produces a higher proportion of its water than any other country, totaling 100% of its water use.[7]


Vacuum distillation

The traditional process used in these operations is vacuum distillation—essentially boiling it to leave impurities behind. In desalination, atmospheric pressure is reduced, thus lowering the required temperature needed. Liquids boil when the vapor pressure equals the ambient pressure and vapor pressure increases with temperature. Thus, because of the reduced temperature, low-temperature “waste” heat from electrical power generation or industrial processes can be employed.[citation needed]

Multi-stage flash distillation

Water is evaporated and separated from sea water through multi-stage flash distillation, which is a series of flash evaporations.[8] Each subsequent flash process utilizes energy released from the condensation of the water vapor from the previous step and so on.[8]

Multiple-effect distillation

Multiple-effect distillation (MED) works through a series of steps called “effects”.[8] Incoming water is sprayed onto vertically or, more commonly, horizontally[8][9] oriented pipes which are then heated to generate steam. The steam is then used to heat the next batch of incoming sea water.[8] To increase efficiency, the steam used to heat the sea water can be taken from nearby power plants.[8] Although this method is the most thermodynamically efficient, a few limitations exist such as a max temperature and max number of effects.[9]

Vapor-compression distillation

Vapor-compression evaporation involves using either a mechanical compressor or a jet stream to compress the vapor present above the liquid. The compressed vapor is then used to provide the heat needed for the evaporation of the rest of the sea water.[8] Since this system only requires power, it is more efficient if kept at a small scale.[8]

Reverse osmosis

The principal competing process uses membranes to desalt saline water, principally applying reverse osmosis (RO).[10] The RO membrane processes use semipermeable membranes and applied pressure (on the membrane feed side) to preferentially induce water permeation through the membrane while rejecting salts. Reverse osmosis plantmembrane systems typically use less energy than thermal desalination processes. Desalination processes are driven by either thermal (e.g., distillation) or electrical (e.g., RO) as the primary energy types. Energy cost in desalination processes varies considerably depending on water salinity, plant size and process type. At present the cost of seawater desalination, for example, is higher than traditional water sources, but it is expected that costs will continue to decrease with technology improvements that include, but are not limited to, reduction in plants footprint, improvements to plant operation and optimization, more effective feed pretreatment, and lower cost energy sources.[11]

The Reverse Osmosis process is not maintenance free. Various factors interfere with efficiency: ionic contamination (calcium, magnesium etc.); DOC; bacteria; viruses; colloids & insoluble particulates; biofouling and scaling. In extreme cases destroying the RO membranes. To mitigate damage, various pretreatment stages are introduced. Anti-scaling inhibitors include acids and other agents like the organic polymers Polyacrylamide and Polymaleic Acid), Phosphonates and Polyphosphates. Inhibitors for fouling are biocides (as oxidants against bacteria and viruses), like chlorine, ozone, sodium or calcium hypochlorite. At regular intervals, depending on the membrane contamination; fluctuating seawater conditions; or prompted by monitoring processes the membranes need to be cleaned, known as emergency or shock-flushing. Flushing is done with inhibitors in a fresh water solution. Thus the system needs to go offline. This procedure is environmental risky, since contaminated water is rejected into the ocean without treatment. Sensitive marine habitatscan be irreversibly damaged.[12][13]


Freeze-thaw desalination uses freezing to remove fresh water from frozen seawater.[14]

One method, invented by Alexander Zarchin, used freezing and vacuuming of salt from seawater.

Solar evaporation

Solar evaporation mimics the natural water cycle, in which the sun heats the sea water enough for evaporation to occur.[8] After evaporation, the water vapor is condensed onto a cool surface.[8]

Electrodialysis reversal

Electrodialysis utilizes electric potential to move the salts through a membrane.[15]


Chapter 3.2 – The College Life

“If there’s a will, there’s a way”

If there's a will

It was May 2004, a fresh month to start, and I was ready for college, but I still don’t have money for enrollment, and I know going in college is very expensive. So I thought in another way, that I will work as a security guard or a waiter in a restaurant or club. I really, really wanted to go to college.


A miracle happened; one day, there’s a man who approached and asked me.

He said: “If you will be given a chance to go to college, would you go?”

I answered back: “I will be happy and grab the chance I will go.” The man knows me well in the subdivision.

I explained to him that I don’t have the capacity to go in college, because of my finances. Not knowing that he has something to say, and he would like to recommend me as a security guard, and at the same time as a student in a newly established computer/e-commerce private college school that offers trimester basis; the AIE College in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

June 2004, the man gave me five hundred pesos for a school registration fee. At first, I have so many questions in myself.


The questions are: “Do I really have to go for College?”, “What if the five hundred pesos will be my last money, how about for the next day?”

Alright, let’s say I have five hundred pesos now, but how about for tomorrow? I don’t have money for my bus fare, and for my food.

But the man is really a “Good man”. He pushed me to go to school. He said: “This will be your last chance, don’t you like it? you can enjoy pressing computer keyboard at school, then your life will be good soon, think about it”

Then together we ride a bus and he paid my bus fare until we reached the school, on the same day I filled-up the enrollment form then the school Administration Officer and HR Officer conducted an interview, evaluation, then I filled up the questionnaire.

In the questionnaire written: “Who is your favorite politician and explain”

I answered: “Manny Villar Jr.” because on his campaign “Sipag at Tiyaga”. Mr. Manny Villar Jr. is popular, well known came from poor family and listed in a magazine from rags to riches. He became a Senator of the Philippines.  See more about Manny Villar thru this page


I have passed the interview and examination as a student assistant. And I attend regular class during MWF (Monday, Wednesday & Friday). And then perform the student assistant during TTHS (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday).

Student Assistant role is to perform cleaning of office, classrooms, tables, and chairs including toilet, and computer laboratory room, until I became popular in our school, teachers and office staffs they know me well, and I got their trust.

Mostly, I do payments of bills (electric bill, telephone bill, water bill). A bank transaction, Cash, and Checks deposit include dealing with government agencies like SSS, Phil-health, and Land Bank of the Philippines). I have involved also in the marketing team, doing distribution of fliers, leaflets, town by town, posting banners of AIE on the walls.

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Blogging: Fundamentals

Source: Blogging: Fundamentals

Blogging Fundamentals is three weeks of bite-size blogging assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!”

Every weekday, you’ll get a new assignment to help you publish a post, customize your blog, or engage with the blogging community. Whether you’re just getting started or want to revive a dormant blog, we’ll help you build good blogging habits and blogger connections that will keep you going over the long haul.

I have learned so much and am very happy with the progress I’ve made on my blog. I’ve already got my first paid photo engagement as a result of my blog, and I wasn’t even trying to! Unbelievable. Thank you!
– Hurry Before It Wilts

You’ll walk away with a stronger focus for your blog, several published posts and a handful of drafts, a theme that reflects your personality, a small (but growing!) audience, a grasp of blogging etiquette — and a bunch of new friends.

As in all Blogging U. courses, you’ll also have access to a private site, The Commons, where you can connect with other participants, share your work, and get support from Editors and Happiness Engineers.

Chapter 3.1 – Baker Boy and The Girl

“I met a woman, she is pretty; I asked myself on how to win her. I think of a positive strategy, I guessed through sending her words of wisdom, greeting quotes will win her heart. I am hoping so…. And I did it!”


Life goes on; I still went back to the bakery owner, continued my studies doing the same routine, as a baker boy, and a bread seller, as completely normal.

When I went back at the bakery, I met a woman, a woman that I loved before. She is pretty, I liked her. She’s the bakery’s owners’ cousin.

I asked myself on how to win her. I think of a positive strategy, I guessed through sending her words of wisdom, and greeting quotes will win her heart… I am hoping so… And I did it!

I just kept reading and learned some love quotes. Every day, I am sending her quotes. Two or three times a day, I wanted to impress her more, to tell my feelings, but I don’t know how to do it.

My eagerness pushed me and I asked my high school classmate, my friend “Claire” to help me to write a love letter. I just told to my classmate about my feelings, and she wrote it in a piece of stationery. Wow! It’s an impressive letter.

Unbelievable, I look like a genius. The “Girl” was impressed. I was very happy…

But one day, The “Girl” found out that I am not the person who wrote the letter for her. She was badly angry, from that day she never talks to me. Until one day she has gone and went back to Manila to continue her studies.

Many times I attempted to contact her, but life is a joke… She ignored me. My heart was broken like pieces of glass. Until we lost communication and never talk again. I was stupid enough, and I can’t express my feelings by writing it into a piece of paper.

I asked myself: “Am I ugly? What’s the problem with me? I don’t understand. Or maybe I am just a poor guy… I really, really don’t know. I just cried…


Photo credit: Rebloggy

Then months had passed; I graduated the high school in the year 2004, at age of eighteen. But I never attended the graduation ceremony because I have an advance thinking that maybe my enemy will take revenge on this day to end my life.

During my childhood, and youthful days, I am not thinking about what is right, and what is wrong, on what I am doing in my life.

I am just sailing with the flow to live. Sometimes, bad things or good things happened for a reason, perhaps to test my FAITH.

Mostly, it keeps coming back into my mind my past experiences. I always felt pity for myself. Despite, there is a good thing result that has been developed into my life.

In my struggles and effort to live, I keep motivating myself in the sayings: “If there’s a will, there’s a way”

I am not Superman or Batman; I am not Hulk or the Avengers. I am just me, a poor man who always wandering, wondering, and dreaming for a better life.

Life’s full of surprises.

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Chapter 3.0 – My Life by a Chance, God made miracles

“Be careful, someone will kill you”, I am going to die.

And I said: “Help me, God”, three men are trying to kill me… I am a dead man now.

MiraclesHappens_Our Prayers Have Been Answered
Photo grabbed from Our Prayers Have Been Answered

After the reconciliation with my enemy, I had given a chance to continue my schooling, thank God despite bad things happened to me; I still have a chance to change my future.

My high school teachers know me well; about my childhood life and experiences. And yet, they still allowed me to attend class. All I wanted is to finish my schooling at High School.

Every day, I am nervous while walking in the Subdivision, going to school and back to our home, in my mind; I think that someday my enemy will retaliate, to take my life. And it’s true my suspicion happened.

One night, while I was buying in the sari-sari store, a man approached me.

The man said: “Be careful, someone will kill you”.

“That man is my friend, and he is also a friend of my enemy”

After our discussion, someone is running in front of me, and he tried to stab me, but I was not hit. I run fast and headed to the bakery shop, I was cornered. I am really, really nervous, in my thoughts, it will be my last day on the earth, and I am going to die.

I said: “Help me, God”

Three men were trying to kill me… Then suddenly, the bakery owner came out and prevented it. But he was punched in the face.

The bakery owner named Mr. Bulalog. He is my savior. He saved my life; if he did not showed up and prevented the event, I can say that I am a dead man now.

And after a month, it was night; I was cornered in the Billiard hall.

My enemy’s cousin’s struck my head with his batuta or baton.

I was fell down on the ground and ambushed by his friend.

A Batuta Photo

Again, I thought it will be my end.  But I was saved. I’m still lucky.

I think all has been planned by them with the Barangay Chairman.

I am wondering and my question: “Why is the Barangay Chairman’s responded quickly, he was there and prevented the persons beating me while I am on the ground”

The Chairman said to me: “Be careful next time”

And I asked myself: “Where is the Justice?”

On that night, I just cried, I wanted to revenge and I cursed them and promised to myself that I will do it soon. But there are so many questions in my mind.

My thoughts, what if I will do it? What will be the result and effect into my life? Maybe worst… By avenging them will not save my life, and so I disregard that event to prevent any conflict that will arise.

After few days, one good thing I did is that I developed a friendship with Barangay Chairman’s cousin.

Maybe by establishing a good relationship and friendship with him saves my life by preventing my enemies to kill me.

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