The Steps I Took to Achieve Success from being a street child to working in Oil and Gas Projects

saudi pix (70)
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia working with Locals – In the year 2008

Are you a student? This is for you!

Are you Intern or Fresh graduate? This is for you!

You don’t have a Job? This is for you!

Are you looking for a Job? This is exactly for you!

Are you a Parent? This is for you and for your Children(s)!

This is for all who are interested to read and learn!

Where am I now?

Going back in the year 1996, I was just from nothing like a rag. No proper clothes to wear, I used my clothes for 3 days without changing it, even a single penny to buy clothes, I have nothing. I went to school with only 1 notebook divided into 10 parts for all subjects!

My mother died when I was age 9. I became the street child. No food to eat, no money to buy my own food. No permanent home to live. I was bullied by the boastful people.

How did I survive on this wonderful planet?

I would like to share with you the steps I took to achieve from nothing into something. From being a Street Child, as a pedicab driver, a garbage collector, a bread seller, a janitor, a waiter up to being a student assistant, a student employee, an administration officer and working in the Oil and Gas Industries.

“Everyone has a set of talents that we need to discover and to find the purpose in life”

For me, this is my way of finding the purpose of my life.

1. Finding my own way of living at age 10 to 18.

At age 10 to 18, I found my own way of living, by driving a pedicab, assisting the canteen owner, selling bread, a garbage collector in our village.

How much I earned for this Job?

  1. Pedicab Driver: 5 Pesos per passenger, the whole day I earned P150 (USD 3.00), that’s a total of 30 passengers.
  2. Garbage Collector: 10 Pesos per sack of garbage, the whole day I earned P200 (USD 4.00), that’s a total of 20 sacks of garbage for estimated of 10 to 15 houses.
  3. Selling bread: 1 peso per pack, by selling a bread for 2 hours from 5am-7am, I earned 30 pesos about USD 0.70 – USD 0.80 per day.
  4. Canteen Assistant: Free food, by being a canteen assistant, I get my food for free!

So in a day, I earned roughly 380 pesos or (USD 7.00 to 8.00).

I did this until I graduated from Elementary to High School.

2. I found a sponsor in College at age 18.

After I graduated from High School at age 18, I was very lucky because miracle came to me. Someone in our Village offered me 500 pesos (USD 10.00) for an enrollment fee for college. At first, I don’t want to go! But when I enrolled everything had been changed!

The 10 dollars, the small amount of money changed my life and put me in the Oil and Gas Industries! Which is now I am earning more than a thousand of dollars!

How it has happened? It was a long story, you can check out from “THE GOD’S WORK” menu, Chapter 3.2 – The College Life.

I don’t have any idea at all for that small amount of money could change my life from being the street child up to working in the Oil and Gas Industries!

Let’s cut the story short.
1. Student Assistant: From being the Street Child, I became a Student Assistant which I performed below:)
a) I cleaned the toilet
b) I mopped the floors
c) I cleaned the classrooms, library rooms, laboratory rooms, administration office

I was very patient enough by doing these kinds of jobs just to have my Diploma in College. The School personnel’s were very kind to me.

AIE Students
My first year in College! With the Student Assistants and full-time students!

2. Working with Professionals:

From being Student Assistant at age 19, I worked with the Faculty, School Personnel, and the Dean.
a) I assisted the Administration Officer by helping them for their marketing campaign, by distributing of fliers, leaflets. Posting banners on walls.
b) I assisted the Accountant by processing checks and cash deposits, paying the electric bills, water bills, telephone bills, processing and deal with the Philippine government agencies.
c) I was trained by the College Dean in case of character motivation and cheering up for personal growth development; the Dean also pays my bus fare just to come to School.
3. Working with School Director: After spending 1 year as Student Assistant, I was promoted to Student Employee.

Working with the School Director! (Wash Day) No uniform allowed! 🙂

Student employee means, I am a Student and at the same time an Employee of the School and received my FIRST paycheck twice a month at age 20!
Student: I am Free for all Tuition Fees and Miscellaneous Fees.
Employee: I am receiving a paycheck worth of 2,500 pesos monthly (USD 50.00)

The 2 ladies? Our Student Assistant too! The Girl with pink shirt? Now she is a PIZZA HUT Manager in the Philippines! You might become like her someday!
Graduate from Diploma in Information Technology – Year 2006

I didn’t share yet this story on my blog. It’s a long story. I will share the details soon on how I was employed by the School.
a) I became Library Clerk for 6 months receiving a monthly salary of 2,500 pesos (USD 50.00).
b) I was promoted from Library Clerk to Administration Assistant my job is to promote the School by Planning, Developing, Scheduling, Organizing, and Implementing marketing activities. My salary was upgraded to USD 100 per month (5,000 pesos)
c) I graduated from college for Diploma in Information Technology after a year at age 21 and continued working with the School.

3. I work in Oil and Gas Industries at age 22: After all the patience and sacrifices that I had made, the life of Fate, the life of Chance, and the life of Choices put me where I am now!

How it has happened? It’s a long story again! I will share also the details about these on my blog page.
a) I found Manpower Agency: At age 22, my intuition of exploring the world of Industries pushed me to apply abroad.

At my young age, I don’t know yet the process, the strategies, everything on how to apply and working overseas as an expat. I don’t have the idea of how much the salary for working abroad. But in my mind, I know it’s a big salary! How much? I don’t know!

When I applied at the agency, I remembered the one Engineer bargaining his position for USD 4,000 per month! I calculated in pesos it is 200,000.00. Wow! He can be a Millionaire in just 5 months!
Note: Finding your agency from the Philippines is critical; during my first time working overseas, there were a lot of issues regarding SCAMS! I mean the fake AGENCIES!

Most of them, they collected money in advanced from the applicants and in the end the recruiters will be gone like an exploded bubbles! Boom! Your money was robbed then!

To verify the legitimate agencies, please log in to or to

It’s your duty to verify the agency before applying with them!
b) I worked in EPC for Oil and Gas project as HR Assistant in Saudi Arabia: My first salary to tell you the truth it was USD 350.00 per month! In Philippine Peso (17,500.00). It is a good offer for the FIRST TIMER working as an expat! The packages are detailed below.

a) USD 350 per month (17,500.00 pesos)

b) FREE Food

c) FREE Accommodation

d) FREE Transportation

e) NO TAX!

f) 1 day paid off every Friday!

g) Paid annual leave + Free e-ticket (vice-versa)

h) End of Service Benefits (1/3 of your full salary)

saudi pix (70)
Working with The Engineers and Saudi Local in Saudi Arabia for Oil and Gas Project
saudi pix (59)
Somewhere in Saudi Arabia at age 22
saudi pix (57)
Camels were all around! 🙂
saudi pix (19)
I must be very hungry! 🙂 McDonalds in Saudi Arabia
saudi pix (14)
This is just 10 minutes walk from our accommodation in Saudi Arabia
Vacation Bahrain to Abu Dabi to Phil Feb 25, 2010 (14)
My vacation leave in the year 2009 travel via Bahrain – Abu Dhabi – Philippines
Vacation Bahrain to Abu Dabi to Phil Feb 25, 2010 (11)
Abu Dhabi Airport – Terminal 1

To live in this world, when it comes to Job, I am not choosy!

For me, I accept any kind of jobs the most available jobs to be able to survive, to learn things, and to develop myself and career!

This is what I can share you on this day!

“Always put in your mind, the step you will take will put you either in a GOOD WAY or in the BAD WAY!”

Use your intuition power! “Your ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”



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Published by John Snow

Grown up as a street child for 11 years from age 9 to 20. Trained by Professional Educators and Engineers. At age 22 I started working in Energy sectors for Nuclear Power Plant, Water/Electricity Plant, and Oil and Gas Projects at Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Company. I made this blog to impart knowledge to those street children and orphans. Knowledge is the key to a successful life to live in this world. I came from nothing into something. To learn more about me, please check out my about page.

18 thoughts on “The Steps I Took to Achieve Success from being a street child to working in Oil and Gas Projects

    1. Thanks Sir Jeff! For your wonderful words. Indeed teachers are our 2nd parents and schools are our 2nd home. I owe my knowledge from school and teachers like you. Hopefully, this message can reach out those who are seeking great life.

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    1. Definitely right! This is the reason why I am posting like this story for those young people who are among the poorest of poor, to reach out them, to let them know that they can change through the choices that they can make! If I did not pursued my education, I believed that I perhaps a construction worker or perhaps suffering hunger. I don’t mean to offend the constructions workers but this is just only my example. I wish for you the choices you can make will bring you to a good life! And a good life for others! 🙂


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