Chapter 2.3 – The Devil Thief Enticed Me


One day, at the farm, I met a thief; a thief of jalousie glass, and toilet bowl in the Subdivision.


He asked me to join him.

I told him: “No! I am not a thief”.

But he is really a devil.

He said: “No problem”, all you have to do is to look out some incoming people, is that hard?”, “if you will not come with me, I will punch your face”.

I can’t-do anything but to join him.

It’s very hard to do things that I don’t want to do. On that night, it’s raining, he called me at my friend’s house where I was living, then we went to the subdivision to steal, he removed the jalousie glass one by one from the vacant house, and I was very nervous, because some people may catch us while stealing the glass, people know me well in the subdivision, and I don’t want to destroy my name by stealing.

I am looking for an incoming people. Then he’s done and successfully removed all the jalousie glass. We walked on the dark road; we crossed the river and delivered the glass to his contact person at the farm. Then he gave me twenty pesos.

From that night, I said to myself that I will never do it again.

Early morning, my friend – the owner of the house at the farm where I lived, he asked me about the night that I was gone.

He asked: “Where have you been last night?”

I answered: “At the subdivision”.

He said: “You’re with Bryan, did you steal together?”

I answered back: “Yes”. He was badly angry to me, and he spanked my head.

He said: “The next time you will do it again, go away from our house”, “The thief man is very popular at the farm.” He said.

I can’t remember the number of months that I lived at the farm; most of the days, I spent my life by drinking liquor. Perhaps, my memory faded away, by the effect of alcohol.

Copyright © 2017 The God’s Work to Abandoned Son. All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3 – The Devil Thief Enticed Me

  1. Oh! Thanks for your appreciation about the themes I used.
    My apology for a grammatical error you might encounter.

    I wrote about a mans life and ambition to inspire some street children and orphans.
    Watch out for some post on how I achieved success in life.

    Media nowadays is very powerful, here we can do the called “Freedom of speech” and the first move to outreach street children and orphans through social media.

    In God’s will and time, hopefully, it’ll be productive.

    John Snow.


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