The Steps I Took to Achieve Success from being a street child to working in Oil and Gas Projects


Are you a student? This is for you!

Are you Intern or Fresh graduate? This is for you!

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Are you a Parent? This is for you and for your Children(s)!

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Where am I now?

Going back in the year 1996, I was just from nothing like a rag. No proper clothes to wear, I used my clothes for 3 days without changing it, even a single penny to buy clothes, I have nothing. I went to school with only 1 notebook divided into 10 parts for all subjects!

My mother died when at my age 9. I became the street child. No food to eat, no money to buy my own food. No permanent home to live. I was bullied by the boastful people.

How did I survive on this wonderful planet?

I will share you the steps I took to achieve from nothing into something. From being a Street Child, as a pedicab driver, a garbage collector, a bread seller, a janitor, a waiter up to being a student assistant, a student employee, an administration officer and working in the Oil and Gas Industries.

“Everyone has a set of talents that we need to discover and to find the purpose in life”

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“In many trials that I had experienced, in many ups and downs I encountered, in many battles that I overcome, I believed and proved that God exists”

Everyone has a story to tell. Sharing life story, or the story of family members, with future generations, children, and grandchildren, cherish the words we pass on to them and will return to them, time, and again. 

I wrote this book based on a true to life stories and events, a piece of my life experienced for a dedication to my son, to educate him, and mold him to grow up as a better man, to my brother, sisters, relatives, and friends, to the orphan, and street children.

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