An orphan, a former street vendor landed a job in oil and gas industries and became a stock investor in the Philippine Stock Market

An orphan at age 10, a former street vendor in the year 1996 to 2004 landed a job in oil and gas, nuclear, and power plant industries.

How I started from scratch at zero?

I remember those days where I have nothing when I was orphan at age 10, I started selling local newspaper in front of the roman catholic church and earning P1.00 peso each newspaper I sold.

Urdaneta Catholic Church
Roman Catholic Church where I am selling a local news paper


At my young age 10, our mother died because of the ovarian cancer where she was never brought to the hospital and she died on her bed in the year 1996.

Sad Boy

I can never forget where I started from scratch, where I have nothing, including a set of clothes, where I used my t-shirt and pants for 3 days without changing it.

Despite of the life difficulties, financially, and without a parent to guide me, I still pursued my dreams to become reality. Life is not easy as an orphan, I have to find ways to survive alone by developing my social skills, and by finding ways in choosing the right track.

I sell newspaper, ice buko, pandesal (bread), balut, and I became a garbage collector.

Picture of streetchildren
A picture of street-children in the Philippines Photo grab from:

Where everyday my daily routine is to sell goods during morning and go to school after selling goods.

I still managed, I graduated at Elementary at age 12, and at age 18 I graduated in High School.

I was very late in high school where I failed twice in first year level as a freshman because I was financially problematic, where I can’t manage both selling goods and at the same time to attend in my class.

There were always upside downs that I experienced where my life was a messed that I couldn’t find the light towards success, where I can see no future, and so, I gave up. I gave up my schooling and stopped for two years in high school.

I wasted two years of my life where all I did is drinking a liquor from age 13 to 15. After two years of failure in high school as a freshman, I finally decided to continue my studies and I graduated in high school at age 18.

I survived by selling a bread (pandesal) for four (4) years as a baker boy during high school, where I can never forget those days and the people behind my success during the year 1996 to 2004.


In the year 2004 after the graduation in high school, I decided to pursue my dreams to enroll in college, but to do that, I need a money to continue my studies in college. Where I lose my hopes.

But everything was a magic, someone in our village gave me a P500 ($10.00 U.S dollars) I used it for my enrollment fee, where I enrolled and took the course of Diploma in Information Technology major in web page development and computer programming.

I took a test, passed the interview, and I was hired by the school administrator as student assistant. I was given a task, a 3 days’ work as office assistant during (TTHS) and 3 days as student to attend class during (MWF).

Life is still hard during those days as a student assistant, where the demand of expenses is rising during my college days, to support my studies I have to work again. Where I worked and hired by the Jollibee Food Corporation as a service crew.


After one (1) year of continuously doing these as student assistant and as a service crew, I gave up. I gave up because I can’t do it anymore, it was very tiring, my body felt weak.

I can still remember that as a student assistant, I have to go to school at 07:00 am up to 5:00pm. And by 5:30pm I must work as service crew until 12:00 midnight, where I have a total of 17 hours of duty by attending the class and my work. There’s no more room for pleasure.

I can’t manage my time, where I have a sleepless night, where I have only a maximum of 5 hours of sleep. So, I quit working and studying.

Sleepingintheclass_123RF Stock Photos

But everything was a miracle after one month, our College Dean called me and he endorsed me to the School Director as a Library Clerk / Admin Assistant in one of the college institution branch. Here I started as a Library clerk and promoted as Admin Assistant where I received my first salary amounting of P5,000.00 pesos ($100.00 U.S dollars) per month at age 19.


After two years of sacrifices in college, I graduated with the course Diploma in Information Technology in the year 2006. After the graduation, I continuously work with the college institution up to the year 2007.

Graduate in Diploma in Information Technology – year 2006

In the year 2008, I decided to work abroad in the Middle-East, I started as computer operator in the Human Resource Department, after 3 months of working with the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company I was promoted as HR Assistant at age 22. My salary? It was $350 U.S dollars per month, 8 hours of working, free food, free accommodation, free transportation, and travel expenses.

saudi pix (70)
Saudi Arabia – Engineering Procurement and Construction Company

Fast forward in the year 2009 to 2011 I joined the sub-contractor and work with the Hyundai Heavy Industries at Qatar where I received a monthly salary of $650 U.S dollars.

Hyundai Heavy Industries
Qatar 2009 – Hyundai Heavy Industries

On the same year of 2011 to 2013 I got a job offer and signed a contract with the GS Engineering & Construction company and worked as Administrative Assistant with a monthly salary of $1,000 U.S dollars.

Abu Dhabi Mall - United Arab Emirate
U.A.E 2011 – Visit at Abu Dhabi Mall – I worked with GS Engineering

On the year 2014 up to 2016, I was hired by the British consultant firm and worked with the Client at Nuclear Power Plant as Administrative Assistant with an offer of $1,600 per month.

Emirates Nuclear Project
Year 2014 working with Emirates Nuclear Project

On the year 2016 to date I am working with the EPC company at Oil and Gas as Document Control and receiving a $1,600 U.S dollar per month.

I was very lucky enough despite of the delays in the journey of success by working with the EPC companies in the field of Power Plants, and Energy sector.

Year 2016 - Oil and Gas Project
Year 2016 – Oil and Gas Project

On October 2017, I started blogging about life, failure, and success. My goal is to help others like orphan and out-of-school youth, but this is impossible. Maybe time will come.


To do this, I have to build a money-making machine. So, I think that the stock market is the best way to build millions of pesos, that’s why I started investing in the Philippine Stock Market on February 2018.

But investing in the Philippine Stock Market is not easy. I have to become wise, with various investment options available in the market today, it is not enough for investors to merely have an objective of “to profit” or “to gain wealth” when they invest. While all investment vehicles will aim to earn a positive return for investors, the level of risk associated with each investment varies greatly.

On my first month of stock investing, I instantly gained a 15% from my capital. But after 3 months up to date I am losing about -P200,000 pesos because of the jumping in and out of stocks by not investing, but gambling as speculator catching swing high and swing low.

I thought that I can achieve instant Millions of pesos this year from my P300,000 capital that came purely from my hard work and salary.

I thought that it’s easy, without a pure knowledge, reading books, and proper guidance, I put my money on risk, and stole the future of my family.

Being that said, I am not giving up and I am still motivated by achieving my goals in making millions of pesos in the Philippine Stock Market. I started by value investing.

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As of current I am still working at Oil and Gas Industry, and continuously funding my investment in the Philippine Stock Market.

Time will come and hopefully on the next post of my story will be a success story about my journey in investing at the Philippine stock market.

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