Above the plane and below is the wild desert

“The Oil and Gas was not just found but it was built”

This is a unique story on how the oil and gas was found and built. It is very rare in the oil and gas industries to release the stories and pictures of the plant due to the protection of its assets and for the safety puspose(s).

If you are reading this article, then you are very lucky. I will show you the step-by-step on how the Oil and Gas were built, from scrap materials of steels, to fabrication up to installation, proper inspection when installed, up to commissioning, testing, and operation of the instruments and running the live plant.

I am not an Engineer but I have the idea of the Construction and Commissioning in the Oil industry because of the nature of my work. I am currently working as Document Controller for the EPC companies for 10 years.

As document control, I am responsible for Managing, Organizing of all incoming and outgoing correspondence, MoM, Memo, Technical, and Engineering documents at the Oil and Gas project.

Warning! :

1) In this article, the place, area or location of the plant cannot be mentioned in this post because it is forbidden for safety purpose(s).

2) The photo(s) used in this article was captured by my mobile phone and not a property of the company.

3) The project was already completed a year ago, the photos used here was captured a year ago.

The Oil and Gas is our common needs in the daily lives, from using a kerosene gas for our lights at home since from the past centuries, from using it for our gas stove to cook for our daily foods, it is used also as gasoline for our Motorcycle, Car, Bus, Jeep, Airplane, and for any kind of transportations.

For running the water plant, power plant, et cetera. The Oil and Gas is our basic needs for our daily lives.

“Somewhere in the middle of the desert”




In the beginning, it was just only a land of deserts, below the deserts, lies the huge quantity amount of 100% Oil rich.

The question is how can you get the oil from below the ground?

That’s why the Engineers has a major contribution on this process from the planning, organizing, designing of equipment to be used, to the digging of oil wells, to the construction of the process plant, up to processing of the oils.

From oil-rich and converted to as a kerosene, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, butane, and et cetera.


From scrap materials


Elbow – Fittings

The proper handling of the materials should be very careful, for lying down in the yard; it should be put on the top of woods or planks. The materials are very sensitive, a small amount of damage, even a small dent on the edges of the fittings will cause difficulties while on-going installation on the plant, and it will also cause an oil leak on the live plants that will result from a loss of production.

From scrap materials, fittings like elbow, bolts, nuts, pipes, flanges.
Giant Bolt and Nuts




I took a selfie as a remembrance from our previous project.



Inside the pipe




The panoramic view of the material laydown area.



The view of the live oil and gas processing plant.


This is just a part 1.0 of the oil and gas – how it was built.

Due to the high volume capacity megabytes of the pictures, I can post only a limited count of photos.

On the next part 1.1, we will tackle the first step of building a plant. From blasting and painting, to installation, inspection, commissioning, and testing.

I am very grateful to share my experience with the readers, especially to those who don’t have the knowledge on how the Oil and Gas impacted our daily lives.

I can’t imagine and not in my thoughts that I can be a part of the Oil and Gas Industries. I became a street child, a garbage collector, a bread seller, a baker boy, a janitor, and a taxi driver; I came from nothing into something.

I never dream of working with the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction companies but here I am working with them.

I think that the life of Fate, the life of Chance, and the Life of Choice has a big impact on my life. The decisions that I had made during the Life of my Fate, the decisions that I made during the Life of Chance, the decisions that I made during the life of Choice brought me from where I am now.

“It has been said that the life you have now is the life that you have created”

Be thanks to God for whatever you have now, do not complain if you are suffering from difficulties in life, instead pray and give thanks to God.

Whenever you have a problem, do not give up. Instead, pray for it, believe it, and do it blessings will come at the right time and at the right place.

The life that you have now is the life you had created. Until next time, -John Snow…

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