John Snow

Proverbs 18:15, “Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights”



Who is John Snow? John Snow is my screen name derived from the character “Jon Snow” of an American fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones.

I am a Filipino National who graduated from college by my WILL and FAITH with God.

I worked, and still working in popular Engineering Procurement and Construction companies abroad at Oil and Gas, Water and Power Plant, Nuclear Projects.

I wrote about a man’s life and ambition, my mother died when I was 9 year old, My father harmed me, my half-brother tortured me during my childhood, and I was abandoned.

23 years ago I was a street child; 11 years as a street child. For eleven years in my life, I was abandoned at age 9, my WILL and FAITH with God these simple words but full of meaning that turns me into a better life.

Like Jon Snow, I am a bastard Son. I was once the bakery boy, pedicab driver, housekeeper and an alcohol heavy drinker, without GOALS in life. I was frame-up by the evil man and became a victim of police brutality, and then my life was almost taken twice by the bad youth. 11 years that I am LOST from age 9 to 20.

I developed my personal character through my own understanding and learned from the influence of good and smart people that surrounds me. During my youthful days, I cannot express myself through writing, even a single word I don’t know how and where do I begin. I know nothing.

Through the reading of books, by my will and my own intuition, I balanced my life by working and accepted any kind of job in a good way for my living, I pursued my education, and now I got a better job abroad, I established excellent relationship with the good people, I searched mentors and they coached me, I adapted their techniques and methods in life then I applied in myself, in this way it was molded me, strengthen me, and built my strong foundation. My past bad experienced are my teachers.

The year 2017 was a big break for me, it came to my mind that I have to write my life in the book so I can record and evaluate my past on how good I am for executing decisions I made, and for a reference to the future generation of my family by blood.

After I have completed my manuscript, in my thoughts that something is missing, I asked myself: “Before publishing my book, I have to evaluate and conduct a survey of my work from the readers like you”

And so, I did the research, then it came to my mind that I have to make a blog site. That’s why this blog site was established 04 October 2017. May your comments and suggestions will be helpful to polish my manuscript.

Where can you find my manuscript? Check out from the menu AUTOBIOGRAPHY. The story span of Four chapters in chronological order.

When I turned 22, I started working abroad and in every part of the world in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction – Mega Projects at Oil and Gas, Nuclear Power, and Water Plant.

This year 2017, I turned 32, in my thoughts something is missing, I am not contented for what I am doing for myself and for my family.

I thought that I have to be one of a role model, to lift up the street children and orphans to transform them into a better life, to inspire them, to do that I have to outreach them by introducing myself and tell them that I was once a street child and an orphan.

To emphasize them that there is a light behind the darkness of the streets. If they will ever seek the God. The words of God.

I can say that: “I am a dead man now”, but God made miracles into my life. And in return, I wanted to outreach the orphans, street children, to transform their lives into a better life.

What else can you expect from my blog site? It is about TRAVEL, INDUSTRIES (Oil and Gas, Water / Power Plant, and Nuclear Plant that I had been worked. Including TECHNOLOGY reviews, the gadgets I used, mobile phones, ipad, laptops, portable hard disk drive.

I have so many thoughts to write and post. Soon I will write and post photos of the places I had traveled from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Africa, Iraq, and the Great Wonder Places in the Philippines like Rizal Province, Vigan City, and Pangasinan Province.

Now, a simple request from you. Please HELP me to spread the words of God, and tell to the street children and orphans that there is a “HOPE” behind the darkness of streets.

How can you spread the words of God? Just simply like and share or share it in your facebook account by copying the web page address from my articles and please don’t forget to leave comments, a piece of advice will be helpful.

I am inviting you to come, read, and join me to find out the journey of my mysterious success in Life. I believed that “Being a street child will not be forever on the street” Together we can build and transform the children’s future for a better life.

Copyright © 2017 The God’s Work to Abandoned Son. All rights reserved.

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      1. I’ve watched only 3 seasons and that too in 6 days. Had to postpone my binge watching because I was getting addicted right before my exams! ha ha! But the show is jusssstttt greattt!!!!!!!!

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