XURPAS stock performance buyers dominated in the year 2019 from 31st Jan to 08th March

In the Philippine Stock Market, the XURPAS company (stock code: X) is a downtrend stock from the year 2016 on the month of April. The stock price is down by -94.80% from the peak price P20.00 dated April 2016 and went through P1.04 the bottom price (52 week low) dated November 2018.

Peak price: P20.00 on April 2016

Bottom price: P1.04 on November 2018 (52 week low)

Down by: -94.80% in 944 days (2.58 years).

If you invested P100,000 at X stock on April 2016 at the price of P20, you have 5,000 worth of shares, and the value of your shares now is P7,150 as of writing at P1.43 price per share. Loss ka na ng -P92,850.00 in your investment. See chart for your reference.

Xurpass Stock Monthly Chart



This year 2019, the X – Xurpas company stock performance in the Philippine Stock Exchange from the previous month January 2019, from the result of the data analytics collected in my broker COL Financial, the result buyers are dominated despite of huge selling by the big institution in twenty-six (26) trading days from 31st January to 08th March 2019.


The X stock price rose to P2.33 from P1.30 pesos, a significant 79.23% (P1.03) up in just 13 trading days from 29th January up to 11th February 2019.

X Chart - Up 79.23%
Xurpas stock up 79.23%

If you bought X shares as per the availability amount of your money P98,800 at stock price P1.30, you have 76,000 thousand of shares. And in 13 days, the X stock price soared high at P2.33, the amount value of your shares is P177,080.

And sold your X stock at P2.33, you gain a significant 79.23% (P1.03) profit per share, a roughly total amount of P78,280 profit in just 13 days. It’s awesome! (Tax and brokers commission not yet deducted).

So, here’s another sad part story of the X stock, this year from its peak at the price of P2.33 pesos, it went down to a maximum of P1.31 pesos, a significant loss of -43.78% (P1.02) in just 21 trading days. A pump and dump stock.

Xurpass stock down by 43.78%
Xurpas stock down by -43.78%

If you bought X shares as per the availability amount of your money P97,860 at the price P2.33, you have 42,000 shares, and on the next trading days your X stock went down to P1.31, you have an instant amount of -P42,840.00 paper loss. Now, the value of your stock is P55,020. A significant -43.78% paper loss. Paper loss means you didn’t sell yet your stock shares and still holding on.



The X – Xurpas company stock performance in the Philippine Stock Exchange from the previous month January 2019, from the result of the data analytics collected in my broker COL Financial, the result; buyers are dominated despite of huge selling by the big institution in twenty-six (26) trading days from 31st January to 08th March 2019.

The volume traded buy and sell was resulted of 894,506,000 million shares, a significant total amount value of P1.5 billion pesos.


The net “cross trade” buy and sell volume of shares traded was 890,435,000 million shares.

The net brokers buying activity “buy only”, no selling (BUY volume 4,071,000 million shares).

The net brokers selling activity “sell only”, no buying (SELL volume -60,000 thousand shares).

Total volume traded: 894.506 million shares
Total amount value: P1.5 billion pesos
Net cross trades of buy and sell: 890.435 million shares
Net buy volume: 4.071 million shares
Net sell volume: -60,000 thousand shares

Top buyers with huge volume buy despite of selling; selling half of their shares possible for profit taking and still holding half of the stock shares.

(BUY volume 33.744M shares, buy ave : 1.87)
(SELL volume 13.919M shares, sell ave : P1.77)

(BUY volume 46.064M shares, buy ave : 1.67)
(SELL volume 37.873M shares, sell ave : P1.70)

(BUY volume 50.558M shares, buy ave : 1.68)
(SELL volume 43.236M shares, sell ave : P1.73)

(BUY volume 19.760M shares, buy ave : 1.73)
(SELL volume 12.382M shares, sell ave : P1.99)

(BUY volume 14.402M shares, buy ave : 1.86)
(SELL volume 10.352M shares, sell ave : P1.83)

(BUY volume 20.258M shares, buy ave : 1.64)
(SELL volume 16.982 shares, sell ave : P1.68)

X Buyers, Top Buyers
X Buyers, Top Buyers

Top buyers, buy only no selling;

1. DBP – Daiwa (Volume: 2.515M shares, buy average P1.44)
2. Trans – Asia (Volume: 400K shares, buy average P1.88)
3. I.B. Gimenez (Volume: 300K shares, buy average P1.42)
4. J.M. Barcelona (Volume: 220K shares, buy average P1.86)
5. BA Securities (Volume: 200K shares, buy average P1.53)

X Buyers, Buy only, no selling
X Buyers, Buy only, no selling

Top sellers, huge volume selling. Profit takers.

(SELL volume 95.536M shares, sell ave : 1.68)
(BUY volume 6.506M shares, buy ave : P1.47)

(SELL volume 29.402M shares, sell ave : 1.66)
(BUY volume 7.6M shares, buy ave : P1.68)

(SELL volume 8.952M shares, sell ave : 1.76)
(BUY volume 1.894M shares, buy ave : 2.22)

(SELL volume 27.728M shares, sell ave : 1.62)
(BUY volume 22.182M shares, buy ave : 1.77)

(SELL volume 28.111M shares, sell ave : 1.75)
(BUY volume 25.926M shares, buy ave : 1.70)

(SELL volume 26.088M shares, sell ave : 1.90)
(BUY volume 26.088M shares, buy ave : 1.75)

X Sellers, Top Sellers, Profit Takers
X Sellers, Top Sellers, Profit Takers



Incorporated on November 26, 2001, Xurpas, Inc. (X) is a technology company specializing in the creation and development of digital products and services for mobile end-users, as well as the creation, development and management of proprietary platforms for mobile operators. The Company provides mobile marketing and advertising solutions integrated in these consumer digital products and platforms for the consumption of mobile users. X is also engaged in platform development and customization, system integration, mobile platform consultancy services, management of off-the-shelf application and social media related services.

One of X’s main business segments is mobile consumer products and services which includes airtime management, content development and marketing solutions. The Company is currently a party to content provider agreements with Smart Communications, Inc., Globe Telecom, Inc. and Sun Cellular.

The other primary business lines of X include the following: 1) enterprise solutions where the Company and its subsidiaries develop and customize IT platforms, provide system integration and mobile platform consultancy, among others; and 2) other services comprised mainly of HR technology solutions.

As of December 31, 2017, X has five subsidiaries namely, Xeleb Technologies Inc.; Storm Technologies, Inc.; Seer Technologies, Inc.; Xeleb Inc.; and Yondu, Inc. X also has six affiliates namely, PT Sembilan Digital Investama; MatchMe Pte Ltd.; Micro Benefits Limited; Altitude Games Inc.; Altitude Games Pte Ltd; and Zowdow, Inc.



Xurpass Company Stock Data



Xurpass Company Financial Result
Xurpas Company Financial Result

In the daily chart, I found out regarding the price action of X stock, the result are the following;

1. Tripple Bottom
2. Double Top
3. MACD near Crossover
4. Making Higher Highs and Higher Lows.
5. Racazza resigned as CEO, new transformation of $X coming soon.
6. In the monthly chart (MACD crossover) and Price Volume trend spike

X Chart Double Top, Tripple Bottom
X Chart Double Top, Tripple Bottom, making higher highs and higher lows

The Xurpas stock is a red flag for the stock mentors, because Xurpass company took a loan a total amount of P150M pesos through shareholders advances. The proceeds of the loan will be used by the Company to fund enterprise projects and for general corporate purposes. The said loan has been approved by the board of directors of the Company on the said date.

Xurpass Loan



January 29, 2019 – Listed tech company Xurpas Inc. (PSE: X) announced that it has engaged the services of Primeiro Partners as its financial advisor to provide strategic and financial advisory services for the company.

Xurpas also announced that Raymond Racaza will be stepping down as Director, CEO and President, effective January 30, 2019. He will remain as principal shareholder with a 20% ownership stake in the company. Alexander Corpuz, who has served as Xurpas’ CFO since 2015 will assume the role of Interim President. A new CEO will be announced in due course.

“I would like to thank Raymond for his almost two decades of service to the company: First as a co-founder to Fernando Jude “Andy” Garcia and myself, then as COO, and most recently, as our President and CEO. His dedication and contribution to the firm, are immeasurable.” said Nix Nolledo, Chairman of Xurpas. “I will work closely with Mr. Corpuz and the rest of our management team during this period of transition.” continued Nolledo. “Primeiro Partners is a leading regional advisory firm, with deep expertise in identifying strategic options for its clients. We are excited to be working with them to chart the next phase in our company’s story.” concluded Nolledo.

Xurpass Transformation - Resignation of Mr. Racaza
Xurpas Transformation – Resignation of Mr. Racaza



On October 01, 2018, the board of directors of Xurpas Inc. (“Xurpas”) approved the incorporation of CTX Technologies Inc. (“CTX”), an entity that will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Xurpas. CTX has secured an endorsement clearance from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with respect to its proposed primary purpose wherein it will engage as a remittance and transfer company, operating as a Virtual Currency Exchange. CTX will have a platform that will accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

The incorporation of CTX Technologies Inc. is subject to the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission; 2) CTX can only commence VCE operations upon completion of the BSP registration process.

Xurpas Steps Up in Its Blockchain Initiatives through ODX XURPASS STEPS UP IN ITS BLOCKCHAIN INITIATIVES THROUGH ODX Technology company Xurpas Inc. (PSE:X) announced major progress in its blockchain initiatives through ODX Pte. Ltd (ODX), its wholly-owned subsidiary.

ODX recently bagged a partnership with YouDeal, the world’s largest peer-to-peer services marketplace. YouDeal has more than 50 million users and seven million sellers from over 300 industries on its platform, generating US$60 billion in trading volume. Through the free internet strategy of ODX, YouDeal plans to tap the rest of Southeast Asia.

Earlier in the year, Xurpas announced its plans to launch several blockchain projects. The Company disclosed that this move would complement and enhance its existing mobile consumer and mobile enterprise businesses. Xurpas is currently focusing its efforts to strengthen and grow its other businesses, such as the Enterprise Services and HR Technology Services in light of the ongoing challenges in its Mobile Consumer segment.

In the first half of 2018, Xurpas Group’s revenues were driven by the Enterprise Services and HR Technology Services segments, which grew by 20% and 27% from the 1H2017, respectively. The Group’s Enterprise Services recorded revenues of ₱379.42 million. The Company’s subsidiary, Storm Technologies, Inc., posted its highest first half of the year revenues at ₱42.74 million.

The growth is attributable to sustained businesses with large corporate clients and to the increase in employee base at 94,000 in 2Q2018 versus 66,000 in the last quarter of 2017. For its Mobile Consumer segment, the Group saw its revenues drop significantly to ₱187.31 million from ₱858.69 million in its previous levels in 1H2017. The Group posted a net loss of ₱143.65 million in the first half of 2018.

The proceeds of the ongoing token sale of ODX. are not included in the recorded figures for the first half of 2018. ODX, which stands for Open Data Exchange (ODX), is a global marketplace where publishers and internet service providers (ISPs) can transact at scale to deliver free internet access to consumers in emerging markets. Leveraging blockchain technology, ODX creates a network of trust, generating a truly open ecosystem, and aims to make internet access free to consumers in emerging markets. Xurpas Steps Up in Its Blockchain Initiatives through ODX.


“Create the Future, Change the World” – Mr. Nix Nolledo, Chairman of Xurpas speak on the World BlockChain Festival 2018



Despite of the Xurpas company bad stock performance for the last 944 days, I still bought the X stock shares. I bought 61,000 shares at P1.43 price per share, a total amount of P87,230 pesos.

I bought this stock because I believe that this stock is doing something good despite of bad news and performance resulted in the past 944 days.

My X Common Stock Shares

My recommendation? Don’t buy unless you did your own due diligence.

Why I bought? Because I believe that this company is doing good, and base on the stock price action technically. I look into monthly chart.

XURPAS Company website

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The ownership of Xurpas Parent Company and the following domestic subsidiaries as at March 31, 2018 and December 31, 2017:

Xurpass ownership and Subsidiaries

All subsidiaries are domiciled in the Philippines except for Storm Indonesia and AOC which are domiciled in Indonesia and Singapore, respectively.

Xeleb Technologies, Inc. On August 22, 2016, Deeds of Absolute Sale were executed for the acquisition by the Parent Company of the remaining 35% interest in Xeleb Tech for P45 million pesos. The acquisition of the 35% interest resulted in the Parent Company acquiring 100% interest in Xeleb Tech.

On the same date, Xeleb Tech acquired 3,349,996 shares or 67% majority stake in Xeleb Inc. (Xeleb) from the Parent Company at P1.00 per share or P3.35 million pesos. In addition, Xeleb Tech acquired the remaining 33% stake in Xeleb from its minority stakeholders for a total consideration of P1.65 million pesos. This resulted in 100% ownership interest of Xeleb Tech in Xeleb.

Xeleb Tech and Xeleb are entities under common control of the Parent Company before and after the restructuring. As a result, the acquisition was accounted for using the pooling of interests method. This transaction has no effect on the carrying amounts of the Group’s assets and liabilities, but has resulted to consolidation of Xeleb’s assets and liabilities into Xeleb Tech (see Note 22).

On August 24, 2016, the BOD and Stockholders of Xeleb Tech approved its increase in authorized capital stock from P5.00 million divided into 5,000,000 common shares at a par value of P1.00, to P100.00 million divided into 4,000,000,000 common shares at a par value of P0.025.

On the same date, Xeleb Tech’s BOD authorized the registration and/or use the name “Xeleb Technologies Inc.” to replace its corporate name “Fluxion, Inc.” that was approved by the SEC on November 21, 2016.

On November 21, 2016, the SEC approved the increase in authorized capital stock of Xeleb Tech. On the same date, Xeleb Tech issued shares in relation to Subscription Agreements by the Parent Company, Selajo Inc., Conrev Inc., Joseliemm Holdings Inc. and Rainy Day Future Entertainment, Inc. for a total subscription of 1,000,000,000 common shares. This resulted to reduction of Parent Company’s interest in
Xeleb Tech to 67.00%.

Xurpas Enterprise Inc.

On March 23, 2016, the Parent Company incorporated Xurpas Enterprise. Xurpas Enterprise shall primarily engage in the business of software development including designing, upgrading and marketing all kinds of information technology systems or parts thereof and other related services.

Xeleb Inc.

On July 14, 2015, the Parent Company incorporated Xeleb Inc., a mobile games company domiciled in the Philippines. Xeleb was organized primarily to design, develop, test, build, market, distribute, maintain, support, customize, sell and/or sell applications, games, software, digital solutions, whether internet, mobile or other handheld applications, portals, hardware and other related projects and services, except internet
provider services, both for proprietary and custom development purposes.

Storm Technologies, Inc.

On October 27, 2016, the Parent Company acquired additional 3,735 common shares of Storm for P10.00 million pesos. This brought Parent Company’s ownership from 51.52% to 56.60% of the outstanding capital stock of Storm and there was no change in control (see Note 22).

On August 12, 2016, Storm’s BOD authorized the registration and/or use the name “Storm Technologies, Inc.” to replace its corporate name “Storm Flex Systems, Inc.” and was approved by the SEC on December 27, 2016.

Art of Click Pte. Ltd.

On October 6, 2016, the Parent Company signed a Share Purchase Agreement with Emmanuel Michael Jean Allix and Wavemaker Labs Pte. Ltd. (the “Sellers”) for the acquisition of 100% stake in Art of Click for an aggregate consideration of P1.94 billion in cash and in Parent Company’s shares (see Note 22).

AOC is engaged in the business of mobile media agency that offers a marketing platform for advertisers.

Understanding the Open Data Exchange (ODX), Mr. Nix Nolledo, Chairman of Xurpas explained about ODX at the Blockchain Open Forum on the year 2018.

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