Chapter 3.5 – I am out of school youth

One day, I talked with our college dean and I told him that it will be my last day at the school, the college dean helped me to make a resignation letter.

May 2005, I resigned as a student assistant and quit studying because of financial capability.

I applied for the Manila Banker’s Life Insurance as a sales agent; I passed the licensure examination, but my job, as an agent didn’t work. I didn’t make sales. I think I don’t have a passion to do it, to find a client and interact with them to discuss the financial matter.

My questions are: “how can I function well as a financial advisor if I don’t have the experience on my own?” I don’t know what needs means, and what wants are all about. How can I sell something if I don’t know what I am selling? I disregarded this job.

After one month, it was June 2005; my college dean called on my mobile phone and asked me: “if school personnel can trust me with regards to money”.

One second, I stop and think for a second. “Why he asking me this kind of question, I asked myself”

I replied: “Yes you can trust me,” our discussion continued and he said that he already endorsed me to the school Vice President of AIE College.

The Dean told me that I will be working as a full-time Library Clerk, and I will be receiving a minimum salary of 3,500 pesos ($70) per month at the same time as a regular student with 100% free for all tuition fees and miscellaneous fees.

I said: “WOW!” It’s great, and I was very blessed. This is the work of God. Thank you! Praise the lord. I reported at AIE College, and start working as Library Clerk from June 2005 – December 2005.

Being out of school youth is difficult, day and night I did drinking liquor. I thought that I will be an out of school youth forever. Imagined that I gave up going to school because of my financial capability.

I became one of them. Photo credit:

But God is really powerful and creative, imagined what he did to me? He used a person to bring me back to school. I am not expecting this.

And now I know that God is working to me, to you, and for us. Mostly there are things that out of our control and we gave up those things.

But God is secretly working for us if you really have a desire to achieve the things that you wanted to do for a better life, in good faith.

“This happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead. He has delivered us . . . and he will deliver us again. On him, we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us” (2 Corinthians 1:9b-10 NIV).

jesus can turn your hopeless into an endless hope

If there is one thing I would like to do, this is to return back to God everything good that he did to me. To reach out those out of school youth. Because those out of school youth are stuck.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.5 – I am out of school youth

  1. Congratulations and thank God for helping you to return to school. Make the most of your education, it will enable you to give back to your community in the long term! God bless you!


    1. Thanks for a great comment Ms. ShellBell37. It’s a pleasure. I wish so to give it back to our community, to do that I must become something, to become something I must become someone else. At current, I stop blogging here and focusing on the stock market.

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