If you will ask me a question about what is my 1 wish in my life? My answer is to travel around the world for free! Can you treat me to a free travel? haha. I’m just kidding… 🙂

If only I can fly with my wings, I would visit the untold and unseen beautiful places in the world, and I will be glad to share with you the hidden treasures of the earth.

I can’t explain how glad I am visiting the gorgeous places of Algeria when I was in Algiers long time ago. It has been years since I left this place. The places were so relaxing if only I can touch the skies, I will do it.

The weather was so calm, and the clouds were great, the temperature was 12degree celsius, a perfect cold weather… I wanna fly around.


Meanwhile, my writings to express my thoughts about the pictures taken to follow later.

Just enjoy the view. 🙂


Here’s another one.

The abandoned place.




I hope you enjoyed the view…  The God’s creation is wonderful!

Here’s another one again.






Thanks for visiting my page! Come back again, and stay tuned for more pictures to post…

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Published by John Snow

Grown up as a street child for 11 years from age 9 to 20. Trained by Professional Educators and Engineers. At age 22 I started working in Energy sectors for Nuclear Power Plant, Water/Electricity Plant, and Oil and Gas Projects at Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Company. I made this blog to impart knowledge to those street children and orphans. Knowledge is the key to a successful life to live in this world. I came from nothing into something. To learn more about me, please check out my about page.


    1. Thanks! keep visiting my page, I have so much to post, more beautiful, stunning places to come. I visited your blog page, the write-ups are wonderful. But I may suggest to do some design beautification of your page.

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      1. Thank you for checking up my page! Do keep visiting when ever you find time to read.
        Thanks for the suggestion ! Yeah I do agree with you with the beautification part. It’s just I’m so worked up all the time and I always end up blogging without any notice, I just get carried away with the flow in the middle of anything I do.
        It was good to come cross you !

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      2. Take time to read some advice from pro bloggers, read as much as you can and apply it but don’t push too much time for that perhaps you might be got tired… As I did for the past 2 weeks. Just enjoy and play with it.


  1. Oh Wow, This place is so beautiful. I just can’t take my eyes off the amazing pictures and yes, travelling the world for free is an incredible wish yet an impossible truth but sometimes I believe its worth spending to watch god’s beautiful creation and one last thing, Thanks for sharing these beautiful unforgettable pictures.

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