On the world, 1 day is measured by 24 hours, a week is measured by 7 days, a month is measured by 30 days, a year is measured by 12 months, and for 1 year we have a total of 365 days… How do you spend your 365 days in life?


365 days in the desert – How to spend?

Some of the people said life abroad is beautiful, perhaps they are right. Perhaps if you have a beautiful job in the City, which has a balanced life is what you called beautiful life. Working for 8 hours in a day, and at night have some time for shopping with your family or friends, perhaps walking around at mall to relax, doing a gym, drive your car to somewhere just to do site seeing, have some walk or jog around the City to relieved stress, or perhaps buy a cinema ticket and watch on a IMAX 4D widescreen with surround speaker for a perfect relaxation will indulge yourself… WOW! Cool right? Fantastic thoughts!

Photo credit: Digital Trends
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Photo credit: Best 4D Movie Theater for sales

I wish  I have the same….

But what if your job requires 365 days at desert? Without vacation, without a break, without a mall, without buildings, without a beach, without a social life, without family, wife, children, can you still call that a balanced life?

For me, this has been the most difficult situation I have ever experienced, the worst. 365 days just for my work and my bed. I am not complaining but I just wanted to let you know that this is a real life and events.


From our camp, we have to wake up early in the morning at 4:30am to prepare ourselves, to take a bath, eat our breakfast, then at 5:50am a bus departure going to the job site.

The photo below is my working station. It is really hard to balance my work and blogging. At the office, we worked 12 hours a day including 2 hours break time. At night is my most moment of writing and uploading photos for my blog. Perhaps for the next week, I will schedule myself for a jogging, for a healthy life. Since I started blogging, there were no days that my mind is wondering and affecting my health.


And this is how I made my day during the first hour at the job site by making a cup of coffee using my favorite mug. “Starbucks mug”





I stirred very well the coffee and mixed with sugar, I made it a bubbly coffee like a cappuccino, oh! wow! the taste was good, how I loved it.

With our new vendor, I offered him a cup of coffee but he refused and said: “No, I am not drinking coffee”, Instead I gave him a green tea. This is how I make a friendship. Befriending with the new personnel.

We talk for a while, and I noticed that he has blue eyes, white skin, a 6’1 in height, light size body, and of course “Handsome”.

I told him about my blog and he is interested to talk about it, we talked and he offered me to take a photo with him as a souvenir. This is how I approached him for befriending…

We have a fantastic weather, a clear blue sky, with beautiful clouds and a little bit colder, because “Winter is coming”. A PERFECT DAY!


Then after an hour, my friend and I took a photo for our souvenir at the sand dunes area.



My best friend “Kay-um” a Bangladesh Nationality. I was his photographer and took a photo of him.


We are in different Nationalities but we have only one BIG Heart and the same feelings, we are human with different nationalities “a German, a Bangladesh, a Native Local, and a Filipino”

This is how I made friends with people, for me, I’d rather observe you, and feel you first before making friends with you. I am a kinda keen observer man and I love making friends. I choose my friend, a friend with a big heart that someone you can trust.

“Cultivate excellent relationship to people and befriend, but remember you cannot please them all, everyone can be your friend, everyone can be your enemy, accept it, learn with them, and choose only a real friend with a heart that you can trust” – John Snow.  My own creation a unique motto of my life. 


After the long hour of duty from 6:00am to 6:00pm, it’s time to go home and we ride a bus going back to our camp.




On the road, nothing you can see but desert and skies. How wonderful it is! I really loved the nature.

After arrival at the camp, we climbed at the top of the mini-mountain, sand dunes accumulated by the sandstorm.

We rushed to capture the sunset, and our camp can be seen on below the mountain. Our camp is in the middle of the desert in the military zone. A hundred miles away from our home, a hundred miles away from our loved ones.

A beautiful sunset is shown in the photo below…




The photo shown above is my friend, a native local National working with us. He is the best… Nothing I can say but he is really a “Good man”


What a beautiful creation of our God.

And this is how I spent my 365 days in the desert.

Imagine the daily routine that we experienced here, not only me but some of my colleagues already spent more than 365 days of their lives in the desert.

The world is so beautiful, it’s up to you on how you will enjoy it, on how you will appreciate the God’s creation.

I have visited many places during my working days across the globe, but that time blogging is not on my mind. If only I knew about the blog before, perhaps I have already posted many captured photos and untold stories.

I loved making memories, a beautiful memory. I have already survived and overcome my past bad experiences, and its time for rewarding myself.


I am not a professional writer, even a professional photographer. But I wanted to become of them. The blog just came up in my mind after  I wrote my life in the book. I started and learned about blogging 1st October 2017.

04th October 2017 this blog page was born, and now it’s my 4th week of blogging.

I hope you enjoyed reading my write-ups and my photos posted here on my blog page. Watch out for more of my stories to be shared soon. I am not yet done sharing my past life stories, you can check it out at MENU>MY STORY.

Thanks for reading! See you again…

Copyright © 2017 The God’s Work to Abandoned Son. All rights reserved.


Published by John Snow

Grown up as a street child for 11 years from age 9 to 20. Trained by Professional Educators and Engineers. At age 22 I started working in Energy sectors for Nuclear Power Plant, Water/Electricity Plant, and Oil and Gas Projects at Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Company. I made this blog to impart knowledge to those street children and orphans. Knowledge is the key to a successful life to live in this world. I came from nothing into something. To learn more about me, please check out my about page.

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    1. A good question, mostly I hug my pillow on my bed at maximum 11:30pm since I started blogging, and my mind still wondering on developing my blog page until I got my sleep at 12:00 midnight, then I get up at 4:50am.

      Thanks that you loved my photos. I captured by my mobile phone Samsung note edge.


      1. Oh yeah, a bad habit… I felt like being sick now. I have to change my daily routine, perhaps updating my blog during the Thursday night only. So I can have a full rest time. How about you? How it is going on your blog?


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