Chapter 3.3 – My life as Student Assistant, and as Service Crew

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During my college days, I asked my sister for a financial support so I can finish my studies, and she helped me for a while. Since she has no regular work, and income, she could not give me a full support.

I reached 6 months spending my time in college continuously doing the daily routine of cleaning the toilets, the lobby, classrooms, admission office, computer classrooms, and then attended my class every other day; until I decided to find an extra income, and I applied for a job, and then I worked as service crew in a fast food chain Jollibee Food Corporation Philippines located in Carmen, Rosales, Pangasinan.

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Photo credit: Jollibee Gateway( interview) about MIS

During the job interview process, at first, I was rejected by the hiring Manager.

I asked her: “Why I was not selected?”

I thought that I am not capable of doing things.

She said: “We decided not to hire you because of your conflict schedule”

I answered back: “I am begging you please hire me, I will do my best to do my job well”

She answered: “Ok! Complete your documents then submit to us, and start working soon”

And I started working as a “Joyman”

The “Joyman” role is to fry Jollibee’s popular chicken called Crispylicious Chickenjoy.

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After a month, my job as service crew didn’t last for long; I gave up my work because it’s affecting my schooling, and I am having lack of time.

My class schedule is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, then as service crew, I work from 5:30 pm to 12:00 midnight. Then I have to travel from work going back to my sister’s house until I reached home by 2:00 am.

I have the sleepless nights, restless; I felt sleepy and can’t concentrate in our class, and the result has a low grade.

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Photo credit: 123RF Stock Photos

Most of the days in our school during my class my mind is out of nowhere, I could not understand the topics during the class.

I got 75% grade in my programming language subject C++, Java Programming, and  DHTML subjects. I was very upset.

I asked myself: “How can I balance my schooling, my work, and finances?” It was a BIG QUESTION for me!

Do I have to continue working as Service Crew? or do I have to continue Studying? Which one should I choose?

At this point, I decided and quit my job as service crew so I can continue my study. And it was a good decision I have done.


Life is like a game of chess, you have to think in advance about your next move so that you can achieve success to win over your opponent.

And choosing to continue my studies was my perfect moved, for my future!

On the next chapters of my stories, we will be tackled the ups and downs the barriers that put me and quitted my schooling in college, and how did I return back.

Who was the person behind my success, the person gave me hope, the person believes in my capability being his student. He is our College Dean. The Dean that always helped me in terms of character motivation, and finances.

The Dean that I admired most…

“In times of troubles in your life, someone will come to you to lift you up”

God uses a person as his instrument to save other lives.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.3 – My life as Student Assistant, and as Service Crew

  1. This is beautiful and so inspiring. I personally am not a believer yet I never resist changes, whether universal or a personal doing.

    You are such an inspiration.

    Will you like to share your personal stories on my blog as a gues author? I would be glad to have your inspirational stories there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I approved. Sharing is caring, I know how you write. That’s why I invited you to read my stories, and re phase. Thanks for having your time reading my stories. I am not a writer, but I can voice out myself. Thank you.


  2. I know I have taken forever to read this series….but now that I’ve come to it’s end I must say I am soooo inspired.It feels great to see how a person has faced hardships to become the man he is.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for having a time reading my story. I hope that the story you have read is something that you can shared to hopeless street children and orphans. It’s not about money that you can share but atleast it’s about a wisdom that they can bring for a lifetime. For the last week I was busy reading about street children in India and I found out that there are about 18millions of street children. I was shocked.

      Liked by 1 person

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