Unique Inspirational Quotes



“Money is a man-made material, and it is everywhere, it’s up to you how you will find it, there are so many opportunities to do it, find it how and do it in a good way”


“Being humble, being a down-to-earth person, and accepted what I am”. These are the secret ingredients I used to be able to survive


“Cultivate excellent relationship to people and befriend, but remember you cannot please them all, everyone can be your friend, everyone can be your enemy, accept it, learn with them, and choose only a real friend with a heart that you can trust”


“Read biographies of successful people from rags to riches, learn from them. Connect to God, Dream, Pray, and do it.”


“Love your work and be patient, respect your boss even he is wrong, your boss is your boss no matter what”


“Learn to study character and traits of every people of every nationality you will encounter, be humble and deal with them in a respectful way”


“Even you have the most beautiful and expensive air Jordan shoes, never forget to look back from where you came from”


“Never curse your Parents; your Parents are your Parents no matter what”. Without your Parents, you are not born. How you treat your parents greatly affects your future. God blesses those who honor their parents with a good life and a long life. But He punishes and destroys those who curse or dishonor their parents”

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